We serve the pizzas WE want to eat…

Our sourdough pizza bases are made with fresh milled Australian certified organic flour.

Each base is fermented for 72-hours and hand stretched to order.

The result is a beautiful old-world style pizza base with just the right amount of chew, crust and crumb.

The slow fermentation breaks down the acetic and phytic acid in the grain making our pizza easier for the body to digest.

We top our pizzas with the freshest, locally sourced vegetables, meat and seafood.

Nutrition is paramount so we look for low food miles, no bulk processing and no refined sugar.

Our range of salumi and mozzarella are handcrafted by local Australia families.

Don’t be fooled, whilst our team are whistling away in the kitchen they are busy house smoking,

curing, fermenting and nurturing these ingredients to bring a new age twist to these old world style pizzas.



Our cocktails are not run of the mill

In line with our pizzas, the emphasis is on sourcing fresh produce.

Local hand pressed citrus is teamed with freshly foraged fruits and herbs

which our bar team will then turn into potent house made elixirs, syrups

and infusions to compliment the classic style cocktail as well as our house made creations.


And our drink list is different too

Our beverage list is consciously curated to include a wide range of organic and bio dynamic wine and champagne.

We support our local breweries and have a wide selection of local beers on offer.

Even our non-alcoholic choices remain inspiring with our house made kombucha and cold pressed juices.